Hope Carwile

Hope Carwile has approximately 20 years of experience in healthcare, primarily in long term care senior living settings. She is committed to person-directed strength based approaches, improving the quality of life for individuals living with dis-ease and for the care partners supporting them. Her current focus is innovations, integrative wellness, grief and care partner support. She is an educator in Eden Alternative Associate Training, Integrative Wellness including Complementary and Alternative Medicines, and Trauma Informed Care. She is also a facilitator of Chair Yoga and the Virtual Dementia Tour. As well, Hope Carwile practices Therapeutic Touch and Emotional Freedom Techniques with residents in Skilled Nursing Homes and their care partners. Hope Carwile is a board member of the Colorado State Innovations Grant Board and the Colorado Culture Change Coalition. 

Building trusting relationships, creating safe, comfortable moments where healthy risk can take place, and exploring better ways to navigate modern day health care challenges are at the core of Hope Carwile’s work. 

Hope Carwile BA, LCSW, CCTP, 200YTT
VIVAGE Innovations Specialist