Ruth Dennis

Ruth Dennis, MFA is an educator for the Vista Living Care homes. She provides support and education for families and for the greater community as they face all forms of dementia and struggle with the aging process that loved ones face. Ruth is the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts grants to implement creativity and healing programs for gifted and at-risk children, as well as recovery programs, and transitional homes that serve homeless mentally ill adults, and elders facing dementia. She works closely with palliative care, hospice, and grief support. This journey is both professional and deeply personal. Her brother, Morgan, was living with Down’s Syndrome. She was his primary caregiver until his death in 2019, drawing on her professional experience and her training as an art therapist as well as an Eden Alternative practitioner.

Mindful Dementia Care
Lost and Found in the Alzheimer’s Forest

‍      Golden Books/Terra Nova Press 2018

‍      With Velma Arellano and Luke Nachtrab