Susan Balkman

Susan Balkman, LADAC is a retired psychotherapist who’s living with young-onset dementia of the Alzheimer’s type. Since her diagnosis, she has become an accomplished ceramist. Susan is a strong and outspoken advocate for others living with cognitive deficits, at the Alzheimer’s Cafe as well as a co-presenter for the past four years with Dr Lokvig at national conferences.


I believe that being involved in some form of creative expression as often as possible begins the process of waking up the synapses, neurons and positive endorphins. Feelings in the brain as well as the nervous system start and continue some form of joy in one’s live.Having a purpose is more important than I had ever imagined.Our brains are miraculous.Stimulating the creative centers of our brains helps us to smile, have a sense of wellbeing, keeps the senses awake and alive. Use it or lose it is true, not just for sex, or bike riding!”