Coaching and Consultation

Dr. Lokvig holds a national certification as a dementia/Alzheimer’s Educator. For the last twenty years she has been coaching family and professional caregivers in effective approaches and communication. Her guidance has helped countless individuals and organizations improve their practice. 

Her comprehensive staff training enhances residents’ physical and emotional wellbeing and improves staff retention. Everyone WINS!

Basic Training Program
This example is subject to adjustments to fit your needs.

Recommended for all staff, from management to maintenance.

Introductory sessions: All shifts of all staff

Session 1: Introduction to prevalent dementias and understanding typical dementia symptoms, as well as typical behavioral expressions. Q&A

Session 2: Effective communication and approaches, including understanding reactions to poor communication. Q&A

Session 3: All-staff discussions on specific situations, what worked and what didn’t work, and why?

    Everyone will be given specific “tasks” to test out until follow-up sessions.

Follow-up sessions - Review observations and results of “tasks” - Q & A

Group sessions: $200/hr - usually around an hour.

Observations - ($85/hr) Dr Lokvig to spend time on the floor, observing, and getting acquainted with residents. I’ll also meet with individual staff about their specific concerns and issues. - Flexible time depending on the needs. 

Recommendations - 

• The “Basic program” once a year or no less than eighteen months.

Small group sessions with new staff periodically so we can bring them up to par. 

• Develop a system of conflict resolutions that works for everyone, residents, staff, and families.