The Alzheimer’s Café is the brainchild of Dutch psychiatrist Bere Miesen, (on the left) 

Dr Miesen explains:

“ The Alzheimer’s Café is an informal way to make contact with each other, to receive a consultation and feel at home. In the Netherlands, patients feel they have a place to just be. This way the patients and their families don’t have to deny or avoid the illness.”
The very first meeting of the café in the Netherlands on Sept 15, 1997 drew just under 30, but attendance quickly doubled and tripled. Five years later, each month, the trailblazing cafe was attended by between 100 and 150 people, including psychotherapists, nurses, priests and social workers.
In 2000 Kandy Redwood was instrumental in introducing the cafe concept to Britain with the opening the first UK Alzheimer Cafe in Farnborough. By now the cafes can be found in most developed nations.

Netherlands 1997

UK 2000

US 2008

Canada 2011


Alzheimer's Café

and cousins: Memory or Dementia Cafés

Dr. Jytte Lokvig introduced the Alzheimer’s Café concept to the US when she opened the café in Santa Fe, NM in 2008.

Keystones of the ALZHEIMER’S Café:


The Alzheimer’s Cafés fall into two broad philosophies,

the American Model as first established by Dr. Lokvig

and the European Model as mostly seen in the UK

We are delighted that the concept of the Alzheimer's Cafe

in many forms is taking hold in this country!

“When you’re caring for a person or you are someone living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, your daily life revolves overwhelmingly around the disease. Increasingly your only contact with the outside world as care partners is disease related. ” Dr. Lokvig explains, “The 2 hours of café time give everyone a chance to be themselves and relax in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment. The café is a respite from the disease and it allows the care-partners to share something positive and see one another in the community through a different lens.”

Adding your cafe to the US registry:

Send an email to lokvig@yahoo.com, following this format:


Tallahassee. The Connection Cafe meets on the first Thursday of every month, 2-4pm at The Bagel Market and Bistro, 6267 Old Water Oak Drive, Suite 105, Tallahassee, Florida 32312 .

Call 850-408-9984 or margaret.farris@alz.org

Specify whether you follow the American or the European model

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